Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Is Rebellion for the Good or Bad?

          The essential question we studied this unit was "is rebellion ever acceptable? And how should the government respond?"  This question was arrised when we studied a rebellion of the farmers against  the government for imposting a Whiskey Tax.  Rebellion happens for many reasons, and some are acceptable while others are not.  To learn more about the topic of rebellions and government, in class we did activities like watching a video and doing a back channel on the Whiskey Rebellion and reading about the Bill of Rights Institute.  
          Rebellion can be acceptable if it's for the right reason and the people rebelling are doing it to make a difference, but rebellion can also be wrong.  The farmers rebelled because of a series of events.  First, they did not get paid for fighting in the Revolutionary War on the American side.  And when they started their farms, they couldn't pay the taxes to help pay back the war debt and the farms were going to be taken away from the government.  The tax was a whiskey tax, when the people who make the whiskey have to pay a tax and the people who made the whiskey were the farmers.  The famrers were very mad that they had to pay taxes with the money they didnn't get from fighting, so they rebelled.  The farmers believed that rebellion was acceptable at that time because of their reasons leading up to the rebellion.  This rebellion showed that the Federal government wasn't powerful enough even to keep peace within its own borders, so it questioned how they will project the country from war.  The country should have responded by realizing that they aren't being fair and if their own country rebels, then they won't be able to stand against other countries.  When people within the same county are fighting, the government should take it asa sign to help make the relationships better.

          My opinion is that rebellion is only acceptable if it's for a good reason and if it will make the relationship between the government and people in the country better.  Also if people do rebel, thent he government of the country will be smart enought to try to fix the reason the people were rebeling over.  If people in the U.S.A. rebelled against the country and the government, the people rebeling must have a good reason.  As a resident of the U.S.A. I would only believe rebellion would be acceptable if there was a positive outsome and people had good reasons for rebellion.