Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day Of School

Hi!  My name is Olivia Sahagian and I'm a freshman in high school.  This is my first blog post.  I will be posting frequently about different topics we learn in history class.  

In the first few days of school, most students are asked about what kind of teachers they like and some goals they would like to set.  Students are asked so the teacher has an understanding of what kind of student they're like and because they want to help them reach their goals.  I'm in 9th grade, so I've had many teachers before and few stand out in my mind not just because they were nice but  because of the other great qualities in them.  I believe one of the most important qualities in a teacher is being able to relate to their students.  If teachers can relate to their students then they can figure out the best way of learning for each of their students and can come up with fun ways to learn.  Another great quality all teachers should have is be able to engage their students in the lesson, to make it fun and interesting to learn about.  They could make the lessons into a fun, creative, group activity instead of having the students take notes all class.  If my teacher had these qualities then I would enjoy class more and learn better.  Having qualities like this makes students like their teachers and the subject they're learning more.

The very talented author, John Green, has a video up on youtube for kids returning to school.  In it, he talks about how school is not for us personally but for the world because they believe in students in school to grow up and use what they learned to discover and invent great things.  I agree with John Green in this scenario because I also believe that using everything we learn in twelve plus years of school, every single one of us could make the world a better place by using our knowledge to invent and discover new things.  To be able to accomplish great things, it is always helpful to set some goals.  One of my goals is to improve on comprehending readings.  Another one of my goals is to work on my shooting in basketball and to make ten out of ten foul shots by the end of the school year.  I can work towards my academic goal by taking notes, re-reading and asking questions about the piece of writing for a better understanding.  To achieve my basketball goal I can try to practice shooting outside everyday I can to get my shot consistent.  Goals are a very important part of our educational, personal, and physical world.

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