Monday, October 20, 2014

The Church or the Scientists?

     The Scientific Revolution was a great change away from old ways to new one in favor of science and scientific discoveries.  New inventions were created, scientists were coming up with theories and people began to question the teachings of the church.  The scientific method was found, and it changed the way people searched for answers because now they tried to prove their theory's themselves, instead of looking to the church for answers.  A new scientific method was astronomy, the branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space and the physical universe as a whole.  Scientists like Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei studied the universe and began to question the church.  Copernicus discovered that the sun was the center of the universe, and that earth was one of the few planets that revolved around the sun, which was the opposite of what everyone was being taught by the Roman Catholic Church. The Church taught that that everything revolved around Earth because God created Earth first and therefore everything else revolved around the center of Earth.  Scientists like Robert Boyle, Leonardo Da Vinci, Andreas Vesalius  and Ambroise Pare discovered many things through drawings and dissections.  Vesalius's dissections of the human body and his descriptions of his findings  corrected misinformation previously taught by the church.  Boyle discovered the process of combustion and the properties of gas, especially under changing pressure conditions.  Leonardo Da Vinci dissected 30 deceased corpses to gather information about the brain, muscles, lungs and the heart. This process didn't go over well with the Roman Catholic Church because they believed that humans shouldn't be used for scientific purposes, but rather buried forever and they didn't like that scientists were questioning the teachings of the church and the Bible.  Ambroise Pare was a surgeon who used science to study people who lost limbs in war.  He created ligatures for binding arteries and encouraged people to use prosthetic limbs.  As technology got more advanced, scientists discovered more things about our planet and people are started to question the teachings of the Church and the Bible.
     I am a merchant and I just heard about the medical discoveries of Da Vinci, Vesalius and other scientists while on a business trip.  I learned that their discoveries are the topic of heated debate between the Church and the scientific community.  I am a devout Catholic so I understand how this is an issue between the Church and the scientific community.  I was taught by the Church that since God created Earth first, then everything else revolves around the center of Earth.  But now I am hearing that the sun is the center of everything. and Earth is only one of the many plants to revolve around the sun.  Scientists are also dissecting human bodies to use as evidence in their discoveries which the Church does not like because scientists shouldn't be questioning the teachings and shouldn't use human bodies for science.  Us Catholics are very devoted to our religion and don't test the teachings of the church but if many professional scientist are proving otherwise, I am starting to listen to them rather than a book.  The scientists aren't just coming up with a theory but have evidence, drawings and have done dissections.  I am not saying I believe the scientist over the teachings of the bible and my religion, but I am intrigued about this conversation, and I want to learn more to see what scientists are seeing before I make a final judgement on this debate.  I don't really like how scientists are using and destroying bodies that should be buried for scientific discoveries, but if that person devoted their dead body to science, the Roman Catholic Church should have no rule over the bodies being buried.  Even though others, including me, will begin to question other teachings of the church and bible because they may be wrong about the creation of the universe and science in humans, I will always believe other teachings from the Church, the Bible and from God.

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