Monday, May 11, 2015

Washington's Leadership

 A good leader is trustful, strict but fair, and is smart.  

Washington was a good leader when he had success at the Battle of Trenton.  He had many stragegies to win the battle between them and the British.   One strategy was that he had Thomas Paine's pamphlet read aloud to to motivate and inspire his men.  He also did a lot of his moving around during the night so they wouldn't be found and had decoy fires set up to act like they were in for the night, but wer really setting up for a victory.  Washington also brought in reinforcements when he needed more people to help win the battle.  

Washington was a bad leader when he had punishment for mutiny.  One man, Macaroni Jack, was about to be lashed for a minor offense.  Before he was about to be whipped, he shouted out to the other men, brothers won't you help me.  Washington took this as a act to rebel, and had him killed.  This is not a good way to solve problems, especially during something as serious as war.  Good leaders are suppose to be able to solve problems in easy, not violent ways.  Washington was not being smart, becuase now the rest of his men don't trust him and he was being anything but fair. 

For the first half of the war, I believe that Washington was a good leader.  Although he made mistakes in his leadership, everybody isn't perfect and Washington had a lot on his hands.  He knew what had to be dome to win the war most of the time and he was a smart leader for the rest of the army. 

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